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SupportMart is now an ISO 27001:2005 certified company

“The company delivers world class user-data security management services for information that are stored in the digital format. This is accomplished by providing support for security software, web browsing applications, and computing machines that can be anything from desktops, laptops, notebooks, ultra books to tablets.”

March 27, 2015- Gurgaon, India: In acknowledgment of perseverance in achieving international standards for information security, SupportMart Technical Services that is a foremost provider of tech related solutions declared that it has been conversed upon with the ISO 27001:2005 certification. It also announced that the certification was conferred upon by an accredited and independent body that is known as KVQA Certification Services Pvt. Ltd. The official recognition recognizes the technical service provider for its skill to supply relevant tech resolutions for safeguarding user data against odds like as identity theft by the cyber criminals, damaging conditions and corruption scenarios of computers, data loss due to virus and Trojan attack, etc.

ISO 27001:2005 is an exceedingly eminent standard for management of data security-system and was published in late October, 2005 by ISO and IEC under the joint subcommittee of the duo. Primarily, this is a condition for an information security management system (ISMS). Establishments or businesses that meet the stated standard achieve an official documentation for the same by a self-governing and attributed certification body. Nonetheless, this happens only on fruitful completion of a widespread two-stage formal audit process. And SupportMart finally emerged as an ISO 27001:2005 certified company, last March by successfully crossing all the phases. Free online slots.

The acknowledgement that the Company achieved in March 2015 shows its skill of delivering strong and sophisticated data security operations. The recognition also establishes that it can be considered as a standard for information security management. What has led SupportMart Technical Services to become ISO certified is its talent in safeguarding user data from robbery. The firm accomplishes this by offering support for different PC brands, several antivirus applications, various web browsers and other technologies to individuals as well as SMBs.

CEO, Amitoz Singh stated: “The green nod by KVQA Certification Services Pvt. Ltd. for ISO 27001:2005 acknowledgment has confirmed the fact that SupportMart strives to supply quality security solutions to clients for data on digital entities. The accreditation also affirms that we are a reliable provider for ITES, BPO and software development services via remote connection. The appreciation that we have received will motivate us in making our security services improved. I thank everyone in the company for the hard work they have put in to achieve such a high recognition.

Posted on: May 20, 2015
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