CRM Solution

Engage Customers Automate Business Generate New Revenue


Real time data that helps your make
more Profitable

Holistic relationship management platform for service based businesses. it captures data and provides customer insight at the point of need. Customer and productivity insight at the fingertips of every user, helping foster stronger, more porfitable outcomes.

Business Intelligence

Create new growth strategies real-time. High level picture, or agent wise detail, our BI reports would let you know precisely how your business is running. SMART helps you optimize productivity.

Your SMART Sales

Everything you need from lead to close. SMART helps you make every connection count. Re-connect to your customers with apt offerings when they did not buy from you in the first connect.

Virtual Support Agent

SMART includes Virtual Support Agent (VSA), a desktop application that monitors devices, proactively fixes basic issues, detects problems that require intervention, and sends user alerts, providing recommendations to assist users with resolving problems.


Scale New Heights

Take productivity to new heights, improvise your decisions basis realtime data to enhance productivity. Realtime data analysis and bespoke tools track every angle of business in realtime. Dashboards help you remove bottlenecks, and take on your business to a new level.


Know what your
customer says

Customer retention at its best, Integrated surveys help you know
what your customers feel. Increase customer loyalty.

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